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Date LocationEvent TypeDetails
22/01/2010-10/12/2010HW Best Practice Webinare Webinar HyperWorks Best Practice Webinare
kostenfreie 30-40 minütige Webinare zu HyperWorks
28/03/2016-30/09/2016大学生方程式汽车大赛 Altair Event 中国大学生方程式汽车大赛2016赛季活动方案
21/07/2016-29/07/2016India Altair Event 2016 India ATCx HyperWorks - Register Now
02/08/2016-03/08/2016Harbin, China Industry Event iceict 2016
03/08/2016-04/08/2016Novi, MI Industry Event 2016 Machine-Ground Interaction Consortium (MaGIC) Workshop
05/08/2016アクロス福岡 Altair Event ATCx – 造船技術セミナー
08/08/2016-11/08/2016Shanghai, China Industry Event PIERS 2016
Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium
17/08/2016-20/08/2016Xi'an, China
Booth # 2
Industry Event MMW 2016
National Military Microwave Technology Conference
23/08/2016-25/08/2016Detroit, MI Industry Event 2016 GALM
5th Annual Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Detroit 2016
27/08/2016China Webinar Altair 网络研讨会系列:HyperMesh的汽车内外饰件快速建模
05/09/2016-09/09/2016Wroclaw, Poland
Booth # 33-34
Industry Event EMC Europe 2016
International Symposium and Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility
07/09/2016Melbourne Marriott Hotel, Australia Altair Event 2016 ANZ ATCx
07/09/2016-09/09/2016Novi, MI Industry Event 2016 SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE)
2016 SPE Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition (ACCE)
08/09/2016-09/09/2016Los Angeles, CA Altair Event CONVERGE
14/09/2016Farmington Hills, MI, USA Industry Event Moldex3D Half Day eDesign Training
14/09/2016-17/09/2016Kaohsiung, Taiwan Industry Event Kaohsiung Maritime 2016
Kaohsiung International Maritime & Defence
16/09/2016コングレスクエア日本橋(東京) Altair Event ATCx 音響・振動ソリューションセミナー
16/09/201613:00- コングレスクエア日本橋 Altair Event FEKO ユーザーミーティング2016
16/09/2016コングレスクエア日本橋(東京) Altair Event PBS Works User Group 2016
18/09/2016-22/09/2016Milwaukee, WI Altair Event 2016 ECCE
IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition
20/09/2016-22/09/2016Boston, MA Industry Event EDICON 2016
20/09/2016-22/09/2016Essen Altair Event SolidThinking Converge Conference
20/09/2016-22/09/2016Boston, MA
Booth # 111
Industry Event EDICON USA 2016
Electronic Design Innovation Conference Workshop & Exhibition
22/09/2016-23/09/2016 臺北喜來登大飯店 Altair Event Altair臺灣優化與高級模擬技術大會
22/09/2016-24/09/2016名古屋大学東山キャンパス Industry Event 日本機械学会第29回計算力学講演会 - CMD2016
日本機械学会第29回計算力学講演会 CMD2016
26/09/2016-29/09/2016Anaheim, CA
Booth # Q92
Industry Event 2016 CAMX
Composites and Advanced Materials Expo
27/09/2016-28/09/2016上海卓美亚喜马拉雅大酒店 Altair Event solidThinking CONVERGE 2016创新设计大会
solidThinking CONVERGE 2016创新设计大会
28/09/2016-29/09/2016Shanghai, China Industry Event Global Automotive Lightweight Materials (GALM) Asia 2016
03/10/2016-07/10/2016London, UK
Booth # 219
Industry Event EuMW 2016
European Microwave Week 2016
12/10/2016-13/10/2016Manchester, U.K. Industry Event NAFEMS European Conference: Simulation-Based Optimisation
Visit Gold Sponsor Altair's exhibit and presentation
16/10/2016-20/10/2016Dubai, United Arab Emirates Altair Event Offshore Design Problems now simplified with Altair Technology
16/10/2016-20/10/2016Dubai, United Arab Emirates Altair Event Leveraging Simulation in Product Development for Defence & Aero/Space
17/10/2016-20/10/2016New Orleans, LA Industry Event 2016 SAVE
2016 SAVE 87th Shock and Vibration Symposium
18/10/2016-21/10/2016Waltham, MA Industry Event Phased Array 2016
IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology
21/10/2016東京(調整中) Altair Event ATCx データマネジメント・自動化セミナー
27/10/2016コングレスクエア日本橋 (東京) Altair Event ATCx 最適化ソリューションセミナー
30/10/2016-04/11/2016Austin, TX Industry Event AMTA 2016
Meeting and Symposium of the Antenna Measurement Techniques Association
03/11/2016-07/11/2016Providence, Rhode Island Industry Event 2016 SNAME Maritime Convention
2016 SNAME Maritime Convention
08/11/2016London, UK Altair Event Solving Real World Electromagnetic Problems | ATCx EM
14/11/2016-15/11/2016Loughborough, UK
Booth # A1
Industry Event LAPC 2016
Loughborough Antennas & Propagation Conference
16/11/2016Farmington Hills, MI, USA Industry Event Moldex3D Half Day eDesign Training
16/11/2016Bangalore | India Altair Event solidThinking Converge India
05/12/2016-09/12/2016New Delhi, India Industry Event APEMC 2016

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