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Altair's complimentary seminars are intended to provide an environment in which ideas are shared and attendees learn strategies that can improve their work.

Show NameDate(s)LocationCountry/RegionEvent Type
PBS Works User Group 2015 14/09/2015-16/09/2015 Mountain View, California GlobalAltair Event
FEKO Training: Leamington Spa, UK 14/09/2015-16/09/2015 Leamington Spa, UK EuropeAltair Event
FEMFAT Training in Böblingen, DE 07/10/2015-08/10/2015 Böblingen, Germany EuropeAltair Event
ATCx Houston 08/10/2015 Houston, Texas GlobalAltair Event
Konstruktion für den 3D Druck 20/10/2015 9.00 - 17.00 Uhr, Baden/CH EuropeAltair Event
Optimal Structural Design for 3D Printing 22/10/2015 9am - 5pm, Eindhoven, The Netherlands EuropeAltair Event
Maximising the Potential of Additive Manufacturing | ATCx AM 27/10/2015 27 October 2015, MTC, Coventry United KingdomAltair Event
Solving Real World Electromagnetic Problems | ATCx FEKO 10/11/2015 9:00am, HMS Belfast, London United KingdomAltair Event
Moldex3D Training in Antony, FR 19/11/2015 Antony, France EuropeAltair Event
Moldex3D Training in München, DE 19/11/2015 München, Germany EuropeAltair Event

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