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Altair's complimentary seminars are intended to provide an environment in which ideas are shared and attendees learn strategies that can improve their work.

Show NameDate(s)LocationCountry/RegionEvent Type
NAFEMS World Congress 2015 21/06/2015-24/06/2015 San Diego, California GlobalIndustry Event
"Numerical Electromagnetic Modeling and Optimization (NEMO) 11/08/2015-14/08/2015 Ottawa, Canada GlobalIndustry Event
EMC Europe 2015 16/08/2015-22/08/2015 Dresden, Germany EuropeIndustry Event
ONS Norway 2015 17/08/2015-19/08/2015 Norway GlobalIndustry Event
2015 European Microwave Week (EuMW) 06/09/2015-11/09/2015 Paris, France EuropeIndustry Event
PBS Works User Group 2015 14/09/2015-16/09/2015 Mountain View, California GlobalAltair Event
Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Aerospace Industry 06/10/2015 Montreal, QC, CA GlobalIndustry Event
FEMFAT Training in Böblingen, DE 07/10/2015-08/10/2015 Böblingen, Germany EuropeAltair Event
Antenna Measurement Techniques Association Annual Meeting & Symposium (AMTA) 25/10/2015-30/10/2015 Long Beach, CA, USA GlobalIndustry Event
Military Communications Conference (MILCOM) 26/10/2015-28/10/2015 Tampa, FL, USA GlobalIndustry Event
LAPC 2015 02/11/2015-03/11/2015 Loughborough, UK EuropeIndustry Event
16th Annual International RAPDASA Conference 04/11/2015-06/11/2015 Stellenbosch, South Africa GlobalIndustry Event
ATCx FEKO 10/11/2015 9:00am, Location TBC United KingdomAltair Event
Moldex3D Training in Antony, FR 19/11/2015 Antony, France EuropeAltair Event
Moldex3D Training in München, DE 19/11/2015 München, Germany EuropeAltair Event

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