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Date LocationEvent TypeDetails
22/01/2010-10/12/2010HW Best Practice Webinare Webinar HyperWorks Best Practice Webinare
kostenfreie 30-40 minütige Webinare zu HyperWorks
01/06/201610 AM EDT Webinar FEKO Webinar: Taking Radar Cross Section (RCS) Simulation to the Next Level
07/06/2016The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS), Bristol Altair Event Industrialisation of Additive Manufacturing - From Concept to End Product | ATCx AM
07/06/201610:00 - 15.30 Uhr/ InterCityHotel Frankfurt Airport Altair Event Hyperworks Crash and Safety Roll Out
07/06/201610:00 - 11:00 /kostenfreies Webinar Webinar Webinar: Effiziente Schweißnahtbewertung in der Praxis
08/06/201610:00 am ET Webinar The Three-Click Workflow of nanoFluidX, HyperMesh, and SimLab
13/06/2016-17/06/2016München Industry Event SPHERIC 2016
14/06/201610:00 am ET Webinar Increase the efficiency of your product development by combining Finite Element (RADIOSS) and Macro Element (Crash Cad Calculate) methods
14/06/2016-15/06/2016Böblingen, Germany Altair Event FEMFAT Basic Training
16/06/2016Böblingen, Germany Altair Event FEMFAT Advanced Training
16/06/201610:00 am ET Webinar Using VMAP and OptiStruct for modal testing and FEA-test correlation
21/06/201610:00 am ET Webinar Using HyperStudy and MultiMech for Advanced Composite Material Design
22/06/201610 AM EDT Webinar FEKO Webinar: EMC Simulation of Automotive, Aerospace & Other Applications with FEKO
23/06/201610:00 am ET Webinar Data discovery and how to seamlessly search, identify, and move material properties data using Total Materia and HyperMesh
26/06/2016-01/07/2016Fajardo, Puerto Rico Industry Event 2016 IEEE APS/URSI
28/06/2016 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry Altair Event The Gateway to Enhanced NVH Quality | ATCx NVH
28/06/2016-29/06/2016Antony, France Altair Event KTex Family Training
05/07/2016-06/07/2016Bremen Industry Event 6. VDI Leichtbaukongress
10/07/2016-13/07/2016Montreal, Canada Industry Event ANTEM 2016
11/07/2016-13/07/2016Rennes, France Industry Event CEM 2016
11/07/2016-15/07/2016London, UK Industry Event EUROEM 2016
24/07/2016-29/07/2016Ottawa, Canada Industry Event EMC 2016 Canada
05/09/2016-09/09/2016Wroclaw, Poland Industry Event EMC Europe 2016
06/09/2016-07/09/2016Köln, Germany Altair Event FEMFAT Basic Training
08/09/2016Köln, Germany Altair Event FEMFAT Advanced Training
08/09/2016-09/09/2016Los Angeles, CA Altair Event CONVERGE
20/09/2016-22/09/2016Essen Altair Event SolidThinking Converge Conference
03/10/2016-07/10/2016London, UK Industry Event European Microwave Week (EuMW) 2016
20/10/2016-21/10/2016Antony, France Altair Event KTex Family Training
15/11/2016-16/11/2016Böblingen, Germany Altair Event FEMFAT Basic Training
17/11/2016Böblingen, Germany Altair Event FEMFAT Advanced Training

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