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At Altair, we use our unique understanding of numerical simulation, engineering and high-performance computing (HPC) to deliver solutions that enable our customers to meet our world’s energy demands safely, responsibly and economically.

Liner Hanger Optimization at Baker Hughes Baker Hughes drills 60% off product development time with HyperWorks-driven simulation Read the Baker Hughes Case Study
Improved Mechanical Performance and Reduced Cost of a Solar Panel System Using OptiStruct, Luxon redesigned the steel-weldment crank arm to reduce its cost by 38 percent and its mass by 52 percent. Read the Luxon Case Study

The world’s energy industries are continuously adapting to the changing market and consumers’ demands for cheaper, safer, cleaner and more reliable fuel sources. Altair has a wide variety of technology, multi-faceted experience and resources to help our customers build and maintain solutions that provide a competitive advantage in their particular areas of expertise.

Three primary factors are at the core of Altair’s impact on the Energy Industry:

  • The rise of HPC and its near-universal availability, not just for large, established players, but also to small/medium-sized businesses

  • The rapidly-shrinking development schedule and budget for everything from down-hole tools to carbon-fiber turbine blades

  • The competitive advantages afforded by Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation and optimization

Altair makes the leap from supplier to Partner by providing a combination of world-class PBS Works technology for Enterprise Computing, an expert ProductDesign engineering organization with experience in practically every industry domain and unmatched modeling, simulation and optimization tools in HyperWorks.

Some examples of where we’ve made game-changing innovations with our Partners are:

  • Oil and Gas: mechanical earth modeling, subsea equipment optimization and offshore platform design

  • Wind: composite blade optimization, turbine assembly analysis, wind farm performance

  • Turbine: high-fidelity turbine modeling, thermal management, blade out containment

  • Solar: tracking system optimization, thermal performance analysis

  • Nuclear: nuclear reactor safety, thermal hydraulics and process optimization

Altair HyperWorks provides a comprehensive suite of CAE tools to solve energy discovery, extraction and utilization problems throughout the energy industry.

“The simulation process accelerated our product development to 26 months from the previous 65 months,
a 60 percent reduction in overall development time. Furthermore, the process reduced overall development costs.”

–Ganesh Nanaware

Baker Hughes, C&P, Wellbore Construction

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Advanced Geomechanics Modeling for Oil and Gas Exploration Advanced Post-Processing Accelerates Design-Analysis Cycles Simulation, Optimization and Data Analytics from Site Planning to Decommissioning. Structural Design Optimization for Wave Energy Generators Advancing Materials, Manufacturing and Design of Power Turbines Maximize Hydro Power Performance with Multi-Physics and System Analysis Grid-Level Optimization for Solar and Hybrid Systems
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Oil and Gas

Altair’s tools and expertise are being used by the world’s largest and most innovative Oil and Gas companies to discover more efficient ways to meet the world's growing energy needs while addressing expectations of economic and environmental responsibility. This includes improving the production and performance of existing fields as well as discovering, evaluating and developing new ones. Customers are using our solutions to solve engineering problems in onshore, offshore, HPHT, ultra-deepwater and arctic applications.

Altair’s most prominent contributions include:

  • Mechanical Earth Modeling: Leveraging finite element analysis (FEA), uncertainty analysis and optimization techniques in HyperWorks, engineers and scientists are able to characterize and predict how rock formations like strata and fault lines will react to drilling and extraction before production even begins. Augmented by direct connectivity to HPC resources both locally and in the cloud, HyperWorks is the premier platform for solving multi-disciplinary modeling, analysis and optimization challenges for structural geology.

  • Offshore and Subsea Equipment: From optimizing down-hole tools to extending fatigue life of subsea equipment to reducing LNG sloshing, Altair has a strong reputation of repeatedly enabling successful execution of offshore projects. Mechanical optimization plays a large part in that portfolio, as does our unmatched Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) solutions for equipment, risers, platforms and pipelines.

  • HPC Resource Management: As traditional and accelerated resources have become more available both traditionally and in the cloud, Altair’s integrated approach to all things HPC has brought science and engineering to the forefront of technical capability. This includes the traditional fields of seismic processing and reservoir simulation, but increasingly includes all areas of engineering looking to leverage the advantages of HPC through remote visualization, web portal integration and parallel processing for uncertainty analysis and optimization.

  • Big Data Analytics in Energy & Utilities: Utility organizations must be able to analyze and interpret large volumes of data, quickly and efficiently in order to meet today's business challenges, such as green-energy mandates, regulatory compliance, tight control on infrastructure assets, high-level customer service and smart-grid initiatives. Envision allows easy customer billing analysis, meter data aggregation, rate schedule simulation & optimization, assets and outage management, and more.


Altair delivers cutting-edge software tools and expertise for simulating all aspects of wind turbine development, operation and life extension.

Altair has a strong history of delivering innovative solutions for the wind power industry spanning across simulation software capabilities to engineering consulting services. The HyperWorks simulation suite includes all necessary tools for design and development of wind energy projects.

Some of the most significant offerings include:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for 1-D, 2-D and 3-D simulations of blades, rotors, turbines and entire wind farms

  • Multi-Body Dynamics (MBD) simulations of rotating machinery for accurate power generation and lifecycle prediction

  • Mechanical analysis and optimization of all structural components including metallic and composite materials

  • Multi-Physics solutions of coupled CFD, MBD and structural to capture blade behavior under large deformations

  • Bird strike and other damage/failure simulation and mitigation solutions

  • System-level simulations of power generation and storage

  • Farm-level radar impingement simulation

  • Solver-neutral pre- and post-processing applications for creating numerical models with the broadest set of interfaces for HyperWorks solvers, customer codes and other commercial solvers (Abaqus, Ansys, etc.)

  • Numerical optimization, sensitivity and reliability analysis for all simulation types (including coupled solutions) to ensure peak performance of all components and systems

In addition to these software solutions, Altair’s expert team of engineers can assist customers in all aspects of design, analysis, project management and even prototyping.


HyperWorks offers a complete modeling and FE-solver environment for structural verification and safety validation of nuclear power generation plants.

  • World-class modelling tools in HyperMesh for CFD simulations as well as mapping functionality from CFD to FE Solvers are included.

  • A broad range of thermal hydraulics phenomena are accurately simulated, from steady state flow to complex transient applications, including thermal shock, flow-induced vibration and flow imbalance.

  • Global vibration analysis of the primary structures subjected to process loads and seismic loads can be performed by both deterministic and probabilistic methods using the mathematical models available in HyperStudy.

  • Highly transient events such as pipe rupture or aircraft impact loads are accurately simulated with steel and concrete reactor containment models in an explicit analysis by RADIOSS.

  • For the secondary piping systems, automatic construction of 3D models from isometric plant and process drawings, can be done in HyperMesh and its extensive automation layers.


Biomass has been the most enduring energy source in human history. Today’s biomass industry is on the cutting edge of chemistry and technology. Altair HyperWorks can provide innovators with the simulation and optimization tools necessary to keep biomass a critical part of an integrated, renewable energy portfolio.

  • Complex CFD simulations of thermal radiation, particle tracking and turbulence

  • Coupled CFD and mechanical analysis for thermal stress and damage

  • Stochastic analysis and sensitivity analyses

  • Multiphysics optimization for traditional FE analysis and industry-specific solvers

  • Enterprise Compute management for HPC-intensive simulation series


As the solar energy industry has transitioned from a singular focus on advancing photovoltaic cells to a more holistic review of the entire energy capture system, Altair’s technology and expertise have been able to offer significant benefits for analysts and designers.

  • Structural optimization for weight reduction of moving components in sun-tracking systems

  • Mechanism simulation and optimization with coupled MBD-FEA multi-disciplinary optimization

  • Systems- and variational analysis and optimization for energy conversion

  • Thermal radiation analysis with CFD utilizing 2D or 3D simulation


HyperWorks offers a complete modeling and FE solver environment for structural verification and safety validation of nuclear power generation plants.

  • World-class modelling tools in HyperMesh for CFD simulations as well as mapping functionality from CFD to FE Solvers are included

  • Global vibration analysis of the primary structures subjected to process loads and seismic loads can be performed by both deterministic and probabilistic methods using the mathematical models available in HyperStudy

  • For non-linear structural behavior due to pipe rupture or airplane impact loads, the steel and concrete reactor containment can preferably be analyzed in an explicit analysis by RADIOSS

  • For the secondary piping systems, automatic construction of 3D models from isometric plant and process drawings, can be done in HyperMesh and its extensive automation layers


Though Tidal sources are a relatively new addition to the energy industry, Altair has already had considerable success applying a number of simulation and optimization technologies to different tidal energy systems.

  • Mechanical kinematics

  • Coupled Fluid- and Multi-Body Dynamics with wave excitation

  • Structural optimization based on wave/kinematic loading

  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) design, analysis and optimization

  • Wave impact

  • System-level tuning and risk reduction through mathematical modeling and simulation

Gas and Steam Turbines

The modeling and optimization technology available in HyperWorks covers the whole process in the analysis of complex gas and steam turbine rotor blades. Considerable time savings by using HyperWorks for these applications have been proven by customers in this industry.

  • The direct CAD import, advanced geometry clean-up and grouping and partitioning capability, together with full interactive meshing control and advanced application of boundary conditions, results not only in time savings in the modeling phase but also in shorter simulation times and higher quality stress and life span predictions

  • The advanced modeling capability in combination with a unique morphing technology in HyperMesh, enables engineers to efficiently optimize turbine blade and housing design

  • The solver independent framework in HyperWorks provides the user with a single interface for modeling, optimization and customization of the complete FE process of complex turbine blades


Energy storage is critical to a variety of major industries, including automotive, aerospace and of course solar, wind and tidal energy. Altair’s simulation technology and expertise in all these industries converge here to provide unparalleled insight into the performance of this critical area.

  • Multi-domain simulation for integrated fine- (cathode/anode) and coarse- (vehicle) level treatment

  • Impact simulation

  • Structural optimization for maximum survivability and protection

  • Full-featured thermal analysis and optimization

  • System simulation for integrated performance characterization

  • Electromagnetic interference prediction and mitigation

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